Delta Festival Ballet would like to thank all of those who have given so generously over the last year in support of the Company.

Director’s Circle

Nan Alessandra
Arts Council of New Orleans
Balcony Ballroom
Mike & Katie Brandner
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys
Rick Buchsbaum & Bethany Vincent
Charles & Valerie Corcoran
Dupuy Group
Chris & Jessica Esteve
Jeffrey & Amy Fernandez
Giacobbe Academy of Dance
Louisiana Division of the Arts
Joey & Virginia LaHatte
LaHatte Law Firm
Brent & Christy Mumphrey
Phelps Dunbar, LLP
Charles & Traci Schlosser
Ray & Judy Spadafora
Jeffrey & Nicole Surcouf
Jay & Jessica Van Vrancken


Jack & Jennifer Abney
Peggy Bodenheimer
Jason & Carrie Brown

Larry & Abby Brown
Carmel’s Dance Wear

Cary Champion
Kevin & Wendy Cooper
Anthony & Jane D’Antonio
Larry & Lorie DeMarcay
Lance & Leslie Estrada
Philip & Mary Gagliano
George & Gail Giacobbe
Maria Giacobbe
Joseph Giacobbe
Rob & Julie Giacobbe
Jimmy & Kelly Gros
GK Photography
Tim & Katie Hand
Lagniappe Luncheonette Catering
Lashon & Britt Maggio
Cedric & Pamela Martin
Yancy & Joan Patrick
Ryan & Cheryl Pelle
Richard Rholdon
The Royal House
Peter & Robin Stedman
John & Kayne Stewart
Billy & Susan Surcouf
Jeffrey & Nicole Surcouf
Carl & Melissa Toups
Jack & Adrienne Holden
Jonathan LaHatte
Britt & LaShon Maggio
Tony & Mary Ann Taffaro
Glenn & Laurie Langdon
Ben & Liz Licata
Stephania Simoneaux

To All Our Supporters, Thank-You!

Delta Festival Ballet
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